Tuesday, 26 June 2012

painted,crackled and dyed fabric

Credit where credit is due.......I had a peep at Lin Browns blog
(http://yoursartfully.blogspot.co.uk/) when I spotted something new
she had been trying,so had to have a go myself!!
she had painted fabric with fresco paints,covered with fresco
crackle then another coat (different colour) of fresco paint
so thats what I did...............
I added some lace dyed with TH stain in old paper and
some little buttons sewed onto the bottom.To maintain the
colour scheme I stained a TH rose with the old paper and added to
the top along with a metal leaf and two pearls
I think it worked out quite well!
ps the stamps were Indigo Blu lady and BLine tape measure

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, Michelle I think I will have a go myself.
    I had a great day with Lin and Leandra the other week, they are both so talented.
    Thanks for sharing
    Sharon x